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Hey! Thank you for your interest in my "Harmonic Wineglass" Library! Sampled in 24bit 44100 Patchlist: -> Patch 01-02 - Sustained Wineglass (Glassharmonica): I sampled every halfstep from f2 - b4. But I then further extended the instrument from c2 up to e5 for better playability. 1 velocity layer, but you can control the volume either by velocity or modwheel. Each sample is about 25 seconds long (!) and looped. -> Patch 03-04 - Wineglass hit with an iron fork: I sampled 16 velocity layers and pitched them accros the whole playing range. There are 2 different patches. -> Patch 05 Glass Piano V1: I created this patch by editing the start and attack parameters of each sample in Kontakt using the sustained samples. 1 velocity layer. -> Patch 06-07 Glass Piano V2: A very aery almost synth like piano sound. I included 2 versions, one with 5 round robin samples and another one with no round robins. (so it sounds more "fixed") -> Patch 08 Warm Glass Pad: A bonus patch! It is a nice warm glass like pad-sound consisting of 3 velocity layers with 2rr each. Notes: -> You can control the attack and release settings of each patch directly via the kontakt interface. -> Velocity controlled patches use the modwheel for a vibrato effect. -> This is a Kontakt 4 library so you will need the full version of Kontakt 4 ore 5! All samples are compressed in Kontakts ncw format.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Harmonic Wineglass

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