SONOQUILIBRIUM Album 2014 (Meditation, Healing, Relaxation, Soothing the Mind & Emotions)

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SONOQUILIBRIUM HARMONIC LIFE Album Productions, June 2014 Do you like the sound of Gong, Singing Bowls, Chimes, Tuning Forks, Shruti Box, Koshi, Rain Maker, Ocean Drum, Bells, Metalophone, .. ? Listen to the tracks we produced with these overtones, viibrational and healing frequencies with a sensible touches of natural sounds ! The HARMONIC LIFE album was produced with vibrations and frequencies from Overtone, Vibrational, Healing Instruments and Natural Sounds to give the state of Meditation, Relaxation & Soothing the Mind and Emotions & Healing. The album includes 9 tracks from which you will get the combinations of various Singing Bowl instruments, Koshi, Shruti Box, Chimes, Bells, Ocean Drum, Rain Maker, various Tibetian Hand Cymbals and Tuning Forks. Beside the healing & overtone sounds, the mixes include also the natural sound elements (sounds of the water), which were particulary prepared for this album. Album consists of healing and natural sounds, on which we made some additional audio processes to extract the healing timbres and frequencies, which we mixed along the other sounds in the mixes. The album is intended for the lovers of the healing & overtone instruments like singing bowls, chimes, bells, shruti box and others.. and for those who want to listen some creative mixes purposed for the body and mind relaxation and healing. For more info about the album visit our website


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