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Guitar Toy Bent

Guitar Toy Bent

Clear illogic toy for your glitchy sound

Product Overview

75 samples from a modified guitar toy : 12 Drum - 7 Drum Fill - 8 Fill - 32 Guitar - 1 LoooP - 9 Melody

This is the result from one of our diy & circuit bending workshops.

As you've heard by now (or learned from the ice cream headache), for every thing there is an opposite thing. Sometimes you use a thing to guess what its opposite thing is, especially if you can see only one of the things. The same, I'm afraid, goes for systems.

Fuzzy logic is a system, implemented by tumbling equation, that is meant to seek a norm within chaos. The law of opposites suggest that a system, a dark bizzarro world system, should exist--a system that operates in reverse.

There should be a system that seeks chaos within the norm. If fuzzy logic exist, clear illogic must also.

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