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Guitar Bundle
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Guitar Bundle

3 Kontakt Instruments - Special Bundle Price!

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Product Overview

Guitar Bundle contains the following three instruments for the full version of Kontakt 4.2 and above (Not Kontakt Player)

SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR: This instrument, with it's rich, mellow tone is designed mainly for single note playing. It is suitable for melody lines, instrumental fill passages, solos and riffs within song structures. Convincing results can be easily achieved using velocity sensitivity to introduce a variety of articulations. A selection of string scrapes is also included.

MANDOLIN: Features up and down round robin picks and three articulations. Staccato notes are assigned to the lower half of the keyboard with sustained notes on the upper. Playing the upper keys with a harder velocity triggers a trill that plays as long as the key is depressed. A few string scrapes are also included.

TOY GUITAR: This instrument features both sustained and staccato notes sampled at four velocities (plus a few string scrapes). By alternating between the two articulations via the split keyboard, a realistic performance can be easily achieved. With applications far beyond just children's music, this funky little instrument has plenty of character and is a useful alternative to a standard acoustic guitar.

It is also available as part of my 'Toy Instruments' pack which features 10 musical toys for £19.99

Customer Reviews

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A Very Good Value

Here you get a very good value for modest money. The instruments have more articulations that you would and could expect from so tiny and cheap libraries.Guitar is good for solos, with a very realistic sound, dry samples and good playability.Mandolin has three articulations, also good sounding, good tremolos, dry and playable.Toy Guitar is interesting as it produce some acceptable plucky sounds.All in all, a little gem here at Sampleism.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

★ ★ ★ ★ ★Verified Review

Great value

Really good value, and nice alternates to what you'd usually find on line

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