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Michael Bietenholz



A granular synthesis machine for Kontakt

Product Overview

A granular synthesis pad machine: A texture that can go from sonar-ping blippy to the Russian red army chorus to a desert wind howling in the night - listen to the Soundcloud demo!

Instead of playing a looped sound, this patch uses Kontakt scripting to implement granular synthesis, by firing thousands of tiny sound blips at your ears at random.

This unique K2 script is not available anywhere else!

The mod-wheel controls the grain frequency, and the custom Kontakt panel has additional controls for release-time, choral layer volume, distortion and reverb. The Soundcloud demo is a single take, played live.

(compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher) - NOT Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

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A Good Granification

This is a good device, producing good granular sound. The only reproach is the mod-wheel controlling the grain frequency - not all of us are keyboardist! In rest, a little gem.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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