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Glitchee III

a triple glitch & cuts drum machine(s) module

Product Overview

Glitchee III is the third and final part of the Glitchee Series. A glitch & cuts drum machine module. A step sequencer & groove generator with six sound categories on each of the three kits which is best suited to give your music production a contemporary percussive fundament. You can easily create groovy electronic patterns with crystal sound quality or add-on loops built out of bits, cuts, glitches and blips.

Glitchee III feels like a follow-up to the previous two Glitchee releases. It occasionally reminds of Ryoji Ikeda's or Alva Noto's random extreme frequencies in patterns of rhythm ,without the safety net of 'normal' musical composition as it tests the limits of what music is.Exciting and strange. " Features three unique glitch kits on a flexible step sequencer module.

[Kontakt Version 5.3 or higher is required]


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Glitchee III

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