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Ghost Dulcitone 1900

Ancient and modern worlds collide.

Product Overview

This is a magical sounding impossible hybrid instrument that takes the rare and beautiful woody jingle of the dulcitone and transforms it into an extended dusty swoon that goes to infinity and beyond (although technically that's not really possible is it ?) If Tim Burton was a musical instrument he would make sounds like the Ghost Dulcitone 1900. The starting point of Ghost Dulcitone 1900 is sister instrument the dULCITONE 1900? a 100 year old acoustic keyboard which is binaurally multisampled with 7 velocity layers.

Then each sample is used as a convolution reverb impulse and 20 second bursts of Moog Voyager generated analogue white noise are blasted through it to create a whole new sample set of dusty, metallic bowed sounding, infinite duclitone-iness. Features include: ?6 deeply multisampled sound articulations ; Pale Ghost convolution, Reverse Ghost convolution, Dark Ghost convolution, Dulcitone 1900, Roomy Nord and Release Nord. ?3.26GB of 24bit multisamples with up to 14 velocity levels per note. ?Advanced architecture with automatable control of everything. ?Sample start control. ? Patch morphing with mod wheel controller ?3 pages of scripting. ? Ghost Engine with per voice algorithmic reverb. ? Noise Engine with per voice distortion and filtering. ?74 specially created convolution reverb impulses recorded from real spaces, expensive hardware, and some less obvious sources including a Roland Space Echo, Lexicon reverb and the stage of Glyndebourne Opera House. ?Leslie effect, cabinet modelling and morphing EQ. ?Selectable and adjustable release group. ?Selectable round robin sample swapping. ?Midi timing jitter. ?51 instruments (.nki's). ?Built in instruction manual. FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above needed.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Ghost Dulcitone 1900

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