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Garlick Harpsichord
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Michael Bietenholz


Garlick Harpsichord

Multi-sampled harpsichord for Kontakt

Product Overview

Garlick Harpsichord: A lovely single-manual example, made by the renowned harpsichord-maker Andrew Garlick.

Lovingly multi-sampled in great detail, including both notes and note-off samples. Controls are provided to bring in a second choir of strings, tuned an octave above the first, and for the volume of the note-off noises, as well as to control the amount of the built-in convolution reverb.

If you want a little funky with your powdered wig, there is a "Filter" button, which turns on a resonant filter which is under the control of the mod-wheel.

Compatible with FULL Kontatk 2.2.4 or higher - Not Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

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An Excellent Small Harpsi

Interestingly, this very small library is one of the best harpsichord recreations when you compare it to other similar libraries under $50. So with its price of only £2.00, it's heavily underpriced (hope the dev won't read this review) and underrated.Besides a very well sampled and playable basic single manual harpsichord, you have the options with the second set of strings and with the note-off noises. The funky preset is innecessary, but someone could find it useful.Highly recommended and grab it before the dev reads the review.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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