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The Harp is the first release from Blanketfort Audio and the first in the Found Sound Ensemble series, intended to breath new life into Abandoned Instruments, Strange Sounds & Eerie Experiments. The Harp is built from a broken acoustic guitar found on the side of the road and a rusty old autoharp found when a friend moved into their new abode. It?s a basic but inspiring and musical creation designed for both plucked melodies and lush soundscapes through the use of the convolution engine. Devoid of over-complicated UI?s and CPU crunching features you don?t use, the Harp features only 6 samples (yes, I did a full, multi-sampled version but frankly, I like the granular quality you get from stretching single samples), basic high and low pass filtering and the afore mentioned convolution engine featuring IR?s designed to transport the Harp into the aether. Enjoy. Oh ps theres also aftertouch pitchbend if you want to make notes go a bit wonky?. *Requires full version of Kontakt v5.4.1 or later


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in FSE: Harp

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