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Fender 57 RI 1983 Fretless mod with Bartolini magnetic pickup. Fat and punchy, dark, warm and sophisticated fretless bass with unique character. - Record chain: DI => Focusrite => A/D 96k 32bfp (original) => 44k 24b extreme 768pt HQ sinc (render). - (Bus1) All notes on every string, chromatically sampled with x5 velocity and x3 RR (4x21x5x3=1260) + natural harmonics, stretched (5) - The range is extended below E (down to B) - (Bus2) attack, (Bus3) release and (Bus4) grates release samples, ARR (3x80=240) - (Bus5) Strings noise samples (9) - Components volume is controlled with Bus1-5 amps in Edit mode. - 4 key-switches are for individual strings priority (GDAE = switch FEDC). Use any switch (e.g. F for G string priority, standard) to start the instrument. Harmonics, releases and strings noises are common for every switch; grates are positioned above the instrument range (E6). - Made with NI Kontakt v5.5.2.880. It is also fairly easy to program sfz + wav.
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