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Works with all versions of Caustic 3: Android, iOS, BlackBerry PlayBook and the free Windows version. It includes 3 packs: - Free pack 01: 4 PCMsynth instruments and 2 Beatbox kits. If you like the sounds in it, visit the pages of the source sample packs but note that they DO NOT contain other presets/instruments for Caustic: Out There (Beatbox), Memory Collections (Mini MC1) and Reed Organs (Supertone LITE). But they all include the wav files, and the Out There set soundfonts too, that can be imported in Caustic. - Free Pack 02: 2 different sets of quirky and fun sounds, the Mini MC2 kits and the Mechanical Musical Automatons for a total of 12 PCMsynths presets and 4 Beatbox kits. - Single Cycle waveforms free pack: 30 single cycle waveforms and 63 presets for the PCMSynth of Caustic. Even if these waveforms can be used as is, they take a new dimension when shaped with the PCMSynth controls. I have added 3 simple example presets. For more info, view the PDF files included in the bundle. Download Caustic Here -
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