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FR-777 VS SP12
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From A Faraway Place

FR-777 VS SP12

Drums to knock your wig off!

Product Overview

Tonight we proudly present: Futureretro FR-777 Monosynth drums torn up and spat out by the SP12....Drums to knock your wig off.

Most sounds have been pitched up +7/+8 before hitting the SP12 inputs, and then pitched back down in the unit. Lots of variations at different pitches, as that's where the SP12 magic is.

Snares, hihats, toms, bells etc.

Also included....

  • Many of the kicks and some snares have hot variations.. (SP12 sample input overdriven)
  • A selection of gut shredding single hit SP processed FR-777 basses
  • Ringing, woofer killing Subs
  • 1 extra non 777 SP12 enriched drumkit
  • 2 original un-SP12ed FR777 kits Sounds recorded at 24Bit, but 16Bit versions also included.

Doctors orders: Eat delicious, warm and crunchy things at least once a day. (Demos below only use sounds from the samplepack! .. No compression/EQ... reverb via Akai S1100)

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