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Fog Horns

Canned little devils

Product Overview

This kit is based on sounds of spray can noise makers. Although labelled "fog horn", these devices are mainly used to make ear-splitting noise at sport events.

There are 30 unprocessed 96 kHz/ 24 bit / mono samples, wrapped into experimental Kontakt interface. There are sustained tones, short bursts and special effect sounds. As far as possible, the samples have been tuned in Kontakt turning them into a musical instrument.

The interface is based on a button matrix, which can be used to combine different sounds and program the combinations to custom round robin. Each partial of a combination has different settings for filters, envelope, de-tune and reverb send level.

Custom pseudo-random number generator has been applied to random round robin function, so if used in a project, the instrument will render repeatable results. "Fog horns" can sound quite terrifying and it has some tendency to get out of tune. It is the nature of these toys, that pitch is constantly drifting along with changing air pressure.

To put it nicely, this instrument has a lot of character.

Please note - The FULL version of Kontakt is required


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Fog Horns

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