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FM8 Akheron
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The Unfinished

FM8 Akheron

Dark and pristine sounds for FM8


Product Overview

FM8 Akheron is collection of 150 patches for Native Instruments? FM8 synthesizer.

Aimed at atmospheric film scoring and deep electronica, FM8 Akheron features crisp, metallic leads; powerful, rattling basslines; evocative, crystalline pads; eerie, atonal landscapes; penetrating, dynamic sequences; and huge, noisy basses.

FM8 Akheron provides a wide sonic palette; from dark shadows to incandescent light. There is a haunting fragility and also a brutal strength. It is equally at home in the blood-curdling terror of a horror soundtrack as it is in the luminescent joy of an ambient project.

The Unfinished continues to impress with his FM8 presets.

Plenty of useful and inspiring sounds that one can play with and tweak as one pleases. Great colours for dark scoring. David Buckley (Composer, The Town, Parker, The Good Wife) FM8 Akheron contains sounds in both NFM8 and KSD format.

NFM8 is the most up-to-date version of FM8 and utilises all its most recent upgrades. Whereas KSD format is from an older version of FM8, but is also useable in NI Kore. The NFM8 version features all 150 patches, whereas the KSD version has only 129 patches from the full collection.

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