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as a "follow up" to 96... Justin3am gifted me with a STACK of recordings that resulted from various manipulations of drumloops created in the 3am laboratories. Since these recordings had been gathering dust for some time and only recently re-discovered, there is little detail about their origins...beyond the fact that these sounds ARE free and clear for use! (Thanks MUCH, Justin3am!) the initial loops (not included here...) were created from samples that are no longer available...those initial loops were run thru an Elektron Octatrack... the output from those Octatrack experiments is what I was given (Five different sets of sounds= Five Flavors ;] ) I did little more than edit these goodies into bite-size loops for your convenience and pleasure! the loops are 100% gluten free, free range, USDA corn fed, non-GMO, 100% non MSM, ZERO High Fructose C0rn Syrup and certified aphid free. they are NOT however fat free. That would be wrong Five Flavor Loops (approximately 350) are available as wavs only zip and as an .alp file for easier management if you are an Ableton Live user.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Five Flavors Loops

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