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Fistful of Tension is my first sampleism release. I have been recording sample libs for my own private use on many game / film projects over the years and have since decided to make some of these available to you! Fistful of Tension is NOT your average guitar library. Yes, it does contain multisampled acoustic and electric guitar samples... but think of it more like Ennio Morricone / Sergio Leone / Spaghetti Western in a box! This is definitely geared more towards cinematic writing (as all of my future releases will be). I used some fairly unconventional recording techniques including placing the mic accross the room from the electric guitar cabinet then washing it in reverb. The end result (the patch is "Stranger Leaves") is fairly cool and oozes "Man With The Harmonica". The other patches include an array of multisampled acoustic guitar patches and a handful of interesting FX patches containing strange hits and slides. ALL of the 14 patches included stem from guitar recordings and are patches I have found most useful over the years on several projects... hopefully you will too! The two highlights that are worth the price of admission are Stranger Leaves (described above) and EL Trio.. which was derived from neck picking an acoustic guitar. It sounds very unique and ethnic while still catering well to the spaghetti western vibe. I invite you to hear all of the patches yourself by checking out the youtube video to the left. Requires full version of Kontakt!
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