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Indian Bansuri, Chinese Xiao and Bolivian Pan Flute - for Kontakt 4 and above (Full Version Only) This bundle comes with our three ethnic flutes, recorded by a specialist player, and sampled extensively, with a huge amount of different expressions per note, different articulations, as well as fantastic phrase control. With the Bansuri and Xiao, on top of the true sampled legato, the first note of a phrase, and remaining notes can be controlled via two keyswitches, giving the impression of a line played by a person with "intention". The Bolivian Pan Flute is exclusively available only with this bundle, and is a beautiful, pure, and well loved sound all around the world. It comes with five different articulations, with round robin switching for staccato realism, and four other styles of playing. The range of the Bansuri is two octaves, starting from middle C going up. The range of the Xiao is two octaves, starting from Eb above middle C going up. The range of the Pan Flute is two octaves plus a semitone, starting from D below middle C going up. Bundle size is 1.6GB


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