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Product Overview

With the continuing success of Enigma I we decided to follow up with a new library, Enigma II. While creating Enigma II we completely re-wrote our enigma script, and updated Enigma I in the process. The result is a product that is more efficient, easier to use, and more responsive than before. Enigma II is a single Kontakt instrument (NKI) that contains twenty different sample sets, all of which are easily accessed by key switches. The instrument makes use of our unique Loop Builder step sequencer, that can be tempo synced to your VST host, and allows you to create easy to automate loops using any of the sample sets in the library, you can even combine multiple instances of the instrument to create expressive multis. To further enhance the instrument we have included a few useful effects, distortion, delay, and a convolution reverb. We?ve even thrown in some impulse responses from our own IR collections. If you?d like to find out more about Enigma II, watch the free video below and download the key switch reference document. Enigma II is available at a discounted price when purchased in the Enigma bundle, be sure to check it out on our website!
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