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Product Overview

Inspired by performers such as STOMP, MysteryGuitarMan, and Art of Noise, Enigma allows you to create entirely unique soundscapes, loops, rhythms, and grooves using the sounds of everyday objects, from saucepans to cardboard boxes.

Enigma I contains over 2200 samples, 8 velocity layers and multiple repetitions in one patch. The library is built for Kontakt 4.2+ and features an original step sequencer (Loop Builder), designed exclusively to work with this library.

The Loop Builder offers many ways to tweak and manipulate the library, all within the Kontakt interface. It has an innovative and easy-to-use design, allowing users to quickly build complicated multi-instrument loops in minutes. Produced and engineered especially for Xtant Audio, using analogue equipment and high quality A/D converters to retain a warm and natural sound, the library was built with complete consistency in mind.

To that end each sample set was carefully recorded at 8 velocity levels and elegantly compressed to maintain consistent volume between every sample. In 2014, during the production of Enigma II, we completely re-scripted Enigma I and added more samples and functionality to it.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Enigma I

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