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elokuva - 170 presets for Synplant
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elokuva - 170 presets for Synplant

larger sounds for Sonic Charge's Synplant

Product Overview

elokuva contains 170 presets for Synplant elokuva is homage to the sounds that frame the images in the films we love. I grew up with aspirations of being a soundtrack artist...and at that time there were a handful of names...many of whom still are working (Hans Zimmer, Maurice Jarre, Mark Isham, Graeme Revell, John Carpenter to name a few) Whilst those aspirations are still there, life has provided other paths ;] So, for those of you who may still be on that journey...OR if you just want to use some larger, dreamy, inspiring sounds in Synplant...I hope you find elokuva to be useful! earlier this year, I read someone's comment that the word "cinematic" has been used WAY too much to describe soundsets and sample libraries in the past year. I would have to agree with that. However... I had just used a "variation" on the word to title this...the last set of the series...so to break from that overuse and to be a tiny bit clever: what better way to use the Finnish word for "cinema" to title my "finishing" set of the series!: 'elokuva' ;] in any case- there ARE more sounds in this set ...and I believe these lend themselves to more varied use than those in the previously released sets, but all of that is subjective really... (for some reason, my soundcloud playlists will not 'embed' correctly... please click the link for a listen!) https://soundcloud.com/madder-than-you/sets/elokuva Boards of Carrollton - vol 1 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant http://sampleism.com/blortblort/boards_of_carrollton 1987 - vol 2 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant http://sampleism.com/blortblort/1987 elokuva - vol 3 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant http://sampleism.com/blortblort/elokuva

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