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Domestic Elements Vol. 1
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Papas St Germain

Domestic Elements Vol. 1

Sounds from Household Objects

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Product Overview

Domestic Elements Volume 1 contains over 250MB of ambient pads, sound effects and chords created from household objects. Completely unique sounds all created from scratch using stereo microphone techniques, extensive audio processing, editing and audio mangling.

The sounds are inspired by artists such as Global Communications, Burial, Aphex twin's ambient tracks and Brian Eno. A program called paulextremesoundstretch was used for some of the processing as well as huge amounts of delays, reverbs, modulation effects and re-sampling techniques.

Hardware processing used included the old Akai S1000 and S3000 xl samplers , Korg Kaoss pad as well as various pedals and PSP plug ins. All samples are royalty free and would be useful in any ambient/soundtrack styles of music production.

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