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Electromagnetic Field
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Electromagnetic Field

Lo-Fi EMF Sessions

Product Overview

With a distinct lo-fi aesthetic and edge, this unique collection of electromagnetic field recordings is  perfect for environments which require disrupted communications, electrical failures, signal breakdowns, computer malfunctions or  any kind of abstract glitch element.

Sourced from various everyday household electronic devices such as modems, games consoles, digital TV receivers, extractor fans, laptops, tablets and mobiles phones, there are a total of 172 raw files in this collection separated into 3 categories, Loops, Oneshots and Sequences, giving you numerous options for utilisation.

Low quality preamp experiments, faulty  connections and general unexpected audio  errors were exploited during the recording and editing process, adding distinctive flavours to a number of the sounds. As well as coil pickup microphones, the pickups from electric guitars and basses were used to capture the electromagnetic sound of several devices for a genuine  low fidelity feel.

Whether soundtracking a system rebellion in your latest Sci-Fi epic, the technological landscape of a Dystopian society or you need to create a disturbing, noise-laden atmosphere for a paranormal Horror, this collection is well-suited to a huge number of projects and media, be it games, film, TV, art installations, podcasts, audio books or music production.



Also included are 157 processed Transition FX which were created from the raw source material. These abstract effects also serve as a Transition or User Interface toolkit, ready to be used as they are, layered to your liking or processed to the extreme for something completely new.


  • Loops: 18 (Mono)
  • Oneshots: 65 (Mono)
  • Sequences: 89 (Mono)
  • Processed: 157 (Stereo)
  • Total sounds: 329
  • 24/96 wav files
  • 554 MB Unzipped
  • 490 MB Zipped
  • Embeded Metadata (Soundly)
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