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Electric Noisebow

Electric Noisebow

electrified troublemaker

Product Overview

Electric Noisebow is imaginary instrument for NI Kontakt 4. It can generate drone sounds, noise soundscapes, ambient atmospheres or unfolding distortions. It is based on two sample sets I made by playing modified Reno electric guitar with an E-Bow. The clean set is built of sustained tone samples. The dirty set contains distorted sounds, I've got by putting the E-Bow very close to the vibrating string, so the string would start to collide with E-Bow housing. demo track: www.fairlyconfusing.net/audio/electric_noisebow.mp3 operating instructions: www.fairlyconfusing.net/docs/enoise-poster.jpg This device requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work. Video overview below.

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