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I received an Oscar Schmidt autoharp from my mother-in-law a handful of years ago and I can?t say that I put it to good use until recently. I had always liked the way it sounded when you plucked the strings individually but it wasn?t very easy to do on a consistent basis when playing along with a piece of music. I decided that the best way to obtain this sound was to multisample each of the thirty-six strings. Those very samples are what?s contained in the Eccentric Autoharp library. These samples are mapped in the middle four octaves and there a few round-robins set up for each note. Due to the very nature of the autoharp, other strings will vibrate sympathetically when only one is plucked. What you end up with is a very unique sound that is a cross between a harpsichord and a hammer dulcimer. As an added bonus, I?ve also sampled all twelve chords and mapped each one to a key on the keyboard. Below shows how each chord is set up. The key marked ?dissonance? is all the strings being struck without any chord key pressed. Dissonance ? C1 C Seven ? C2 D Minor ? D2 E Seven ? E2 F Major ? F2 G Minor ? G2 A Seven ? A2 A# Major ? A#2 C Major ? C3 D Seven ? D3 G Seven ? G3 A Minor ? A3 G Major ? G4 These are the patches that are included and were created with Kontakt 5. Plucked Autoharp ? This is the basic patch for this library. Plucked Autoharp-Panned and Looped ? This is the same as #1 but loop points have been added in. There is also a slightly panning of the samples from left to right in reference to the keyboard. Strummed Autoharp ? This patch contains each chord from the autoharp being strummed. It is mapped to the keyboard as stated above. Strummed Autoharp Major ? This patch has the C Major chord mapped chromatically from C2 to C3. Strummed Autoharp Minor ? This patch has the D Minor chord mapped chromatically from C2 to C3. Strummed Autoharp Seven ? This patch has the C Seven chord mapped chromaticallyfrom C2 to C3. Creepy Keys ? This is patch has a lovely haunting vibe to it. Distorted Keys ? This patch has a bit of crunch added in during the attack portion of each note. Vibro Keys ? This patch adds in a rotary speaker sim for that subtle vibraphone sort of sound. The latest version of Kontakt 5 is required to use this library. I have no way of setting it up for older versions of Kontakt at this time. Demos:


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Eccentric Autoharp

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