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Welcome to Dystopia, a carefully and lovingly crafted selection of dark sounds for the amazing TAL Sampler. "Sounds great! Really dark and timeless :)" - Patrick Kuntz, creator of the TAL Sampler "If you use @ToguAudioLine Sampler (and if you don?t - SHAME?), grab these killer samples from @EmptyVessel_NZ" - Don Gunn, recording/mix engineer "I have a huge project I am putting together for Edinburgh Fringe. It's a fulldome planetarium show, mixture of live music and sound design. So it fits perfectly." https://www.duncanhendy.com More demos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXIkfdOBNb7IkjqoOhMaDWhJGO5tLLMck Inspired by recent happenings in my own life, events of 2016 - which to be fair was a pretty shitty year, and the general state of the world we live in. The pack contains 84 patches and over 400Mb of original, raw sample data generated with a range of synthesis/re-synthesis techniques and manipulated field recordings. This sample data is contained in a separate folder in raw form for use in other synths/samplers if you wish. The patches are intended for use in dark, dubby, bass-orientated genres, ambient, experimental, Drum & Bass or wherever your imagination is led. Included are: 10 basses, digital, subby and a few deep reece patches 24 chords/stabs, think dark dub and old skool jungle 18 FX/drones/textures, eerie dirty backgrounds and beds. 3 leads, 3 loops, 28 pads, warm, dusty, saturated or cold, harsh and digital. Yup, I like making stabs, pads and textural drones. :) f0cus packs are deliberately kept fairly small so a great deal of care and attention is put into every patch with no fillers. Despite the amount of time and work which goes into the packs the price is kept at a level which should be affordable by most people, including bedroom producers just starting out. Many more f0cus packs coming in 2017 for TAL synths and more. Empty Vessel is my only job as a one-man company operating wherever my laptop, my Zoom H5 and an internet connection happen to be wandering around the beautiful country of New Zealand and beyond. As such, I very much appreciate your support in purchasing packs and allowing me to continue doing what I love and making more sounds for you to use in your music. All the best, Greg.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Dystopia for TAL Sampler

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