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DX From Mars

Vintage Drum Machine For Ableton 9, Maschine, Logic & WAV

Product Overview

The Old Skool Drum Machine Recorded to Tape The DX was a drum machine produced in 1983, which, along with its big brother, the DMX, was used on many hit records of that era (most notably New Order's "Blue Monday"). In addition to 80s pop, it was widely used on many house / new wave jams 80s Hip Hop, and even the early digital era of reggae. The DX delivers a huge, acoustic / electronic drum sound akin to the Linndrum, Drumtrax and 707 (but fuller sounding). Thick, punchy, and sits well in any mix. We multi-sampled it to 1/4" tape through classic preamps, hardware saturation and Apogee conversion, transforming it into a killer Ableton 9 drum rack, Maschine Kit and Logic EXS patches. And the WAV files will work in any DAW / sampler. Contents: 800x 24bit WAV Samples - Kick, Snare, Toms, Clap, Shaker, HH, & Crash Extensive Analog Pitch and Saturation Variations 28 WAV Loops @ 120 BPM created with an Elektron Octatrack Formatted for Ableton 9, Maschine (all versions) & Logic EXS WAVs Compatible with any DAW / Sampler 600 MB Ableton Live 9 Highly customized DX drum rack ready for Push or any controller Loops session (audio created with Elektron Octatrack) with 5 part royalty free composition Logic EXS Samples are mapped per group ascending from C1 upwards Smart controls for each patch compatible with Logic Remote for iPad Maschine MK1, MK2, Mikro & Studio 10 Custom groups with tagged samples for Maschine Library Ready for all versions of Maschine with 2.0 software


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