Product Overview

A very responsive fretless bass sound sampled from a DX7 (for Kontakt). If Howard Jones were on ECM he would have played this sound! It's sampled at multiple velocities to accurately capture the great non-linear velocity response that was the brilliant thing about the DX7. The dedicated Kontakt interface has a wealth of controls: You can choose polyphonic or a monophonic mode with controllable glide-time. You can control the volume of the "attack" that comes in when you hit it hard. You can select whether to include a chorus and/or some dirt, i.e., characteristic DX7 aliasing: Yes, these samples were made direct from a custom-programmed sound played on my own real, vintage 12-bit DX7 with all its warts (sonic ones and a case held together with the judicious application of a little 5-minute epoxy). Finally, you can also select between two sets of samples which simulate playing near the neck or near the bridge. Additional performance controls include after-touch mapped to vibrato, and the mod-wheel brings in a subtle "wow" as you let the note ring.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in DX Fretless