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For my first ever commercial pack I am giving you some of the best sounds I have ever created using the Minimoog synth. I have created 50 seperate sounds and multi-sampled them to provide 50 full kits ranging from c1-c3. Due to the analog character of this synth, each sample is unique in its sound yet fully tuned to the right frequency giving you a multi-sampled synth that has a mind of its own. The Minimoog synth went through the following processing before being mixed down into the sounds released in this pack: 1. Softtube Tube Tech Compressor 2. SSL Bus Comp They are fully ready to be added to your sampler of choice and full instructions on doing so can be found below: 1. Each kit has been numbered from 1-50 2. You will note that in each pack the samples range from, for example, 01.01 - 01.25 3. 01.01 = c1, 01.02 = c-1 etc 4. The samples have been arranged this way so they can be dragged in full into your sampler window and displayed chromatically across the keyboard 5. Once done, you will find that they are set on their root notes perfectly and can be used right away 6. I have done it this way to make it much easier to map the samples saving you time on the boring process of dragging one sample onto one key, etc. Tech Specs 1346 seperate samples covering 50 different sound kits Dust : Minimoog is a download size of 481.7mb for the .wav pack For further informaion and to download the library of free samplepacks I have created go and visit http:mrthebigman.net


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Dust : Minimoog

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