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DUMPLING DRUM (Twisting Hand Drum) Sampling Pack

Tiny Hi-Pitched Skiny Percussions

Product Overview

DUMPLING DRUM (Twisting Hand Drum) 70 Loops & 1-Shots WAV 44,1 kHz/16-bit DUMPLING DRUM (Twisting Hand Drum) Sampling Pack includes loops & 1-shot samples from DUMPLING DRUM Instrument. High & Tiny Pitched Skiny Samples give you the lightness and transparency in the section of rhythm. Great example of percussions to combine them with similar percussions but with different sources (metal, wood, ..). In our Sampling Pack you get 70 Loops & 1-shot samples, but we added in all packages also one shots that you can make samples by yourselves. Have a listen to our preview below! We used 2 different sticks; one bigger from cotton (cotton ball stick) and one smaller from wood (S-Wood Stick). On our Soundcloud Profile you can prelisten both. Here below I link just to one, to preview of Cotton Ball Stick. Loops were produced for various styles of music. Prelisten our examples on Soundcloud profile to get more clear ideas what you will get inside our pack of XYLOPHONE INSTRUMENT.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in DUMPLING DRUM (Twisting Hand Drum) Sampling Pack

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