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Old but gorgeous

Product Overview

Originally designed and manufactured in Scotland in the 1800's, and with allegedly only 2000 in existence the DULCITONE is a portable keyboard that was made for missionaries to hump around remote african village churches to help perk up hymn services. It has a very basic piano action with spring loaded felt covered hammers striking small magnet shaped tuning forks.

It's a bit like a Fender Rhodes electric piano without the electric bits, and has a very lovely woody, clonky glockenspiel/celesta kind of sound. This is your chance to to play my lovingly sampled 150 year old antique Dulcitone in all its glory. 70megs, 3 velocity layers and some fancy programming but without the slightly iffy forks and sticking keyboard.

Features include:

  • 24 dulcitone presets that take advantage of the 3 pages of scripting
  • 4 octave architecture with control of volume, pan, adsr and delay per octave group
  • Note on and note off "thump"
  • 69 specially made convolution reverb impulses from real spaces, expensive hardware, and some less obvious sources
  • Round robin sample swapping for extra realism
  • Midi timing jitter for even more realism

There's even an instruction manual !

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