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Modular drumkit for NI Kontakt


Product Overview

DruMOD – an alternative approach to drum kits
There is an incredibly vast range of drum and snare samples on the market, some better, some worse. The most important common characteristic is all of them have been recorded in sets, and consume gargantuan amounts of HDD space, memory, and are often very complicated to manage, and set up their proper ‘sound’.

An alternative approach to drum kits
We have applied an alternative method to record drum samples: bodies and hi-hats have been recorded one by one with three separate microphones, while snare got a nice four-mike treatment.

All drum units have been recorded with 2 close- and one overhead microphone – easy to route output signals
Volumes and panning can be modified separately, and all signals can be sent to individual outputs. You can completely customize the drum’s sound experience by setting the appropriate balance between the three microphones’ signals, each representing individual audio characteristics. You can also apply your favorite effects to create an entirely personalized and unique percussion support.

Unlike other drum sample sets available on the market, DruMOD’s units can be individually loaded, so only the necessary components consume memory.
You might only want to use hi-hats, or snare. Load only what you need. You can also load the entire set as a complete drum kit: load the „multi-patch”, and create your entire drum track.

Low memory and CPU need
You don’t need a power plant to run DruMOD.

Features dynamic sample loading and memory management
Total size, using Kontakt lossless compression: 325 MBytes

11 drums/cymbals included
Gretsch Broadkaster drum bodies
(20×16 Kick, 14×5.5 Snare, 10×8 High Tom, 12×8 Low Tom, 14×14 Floor Tom)
Zildjian K series hi-hats
(14K hi-hat, 16K Crash, 17K China, 18K Crash-Ride, 20K Ride, 22k Istanbul)

Standard general midi drum map
Compatible with standard general midi – all drum units are assigned to their corresponding keys, so you can load almost any midi “drum-grooves” in the editor, and you only have to fine-tune hit velocities.
Read the attached manual for a complete keyboard layout.

Extra articulation for all drum units
Read the attached manual for a complete description on articulations (it would consume a lot of space here, and this way you won’t have to refer to this site each time you need information) .

Custom scripting – multiple round robin and velocity levels
Each drum and cymbal contains multiple round robin articulations for a more realistic drum sound and to avoid the “machine-gun” effect.

Full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 (or newer) required

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