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PLEASE watch the Drumm S2 - samples and kit layering demo ADD Series 2 to your Series 1 purchase and have an endless combination of DruMM modules to layer! A cost effective way of beefing up your drum layers by purchasing the entire DruMM - Series 2 modules. This allows you to have 6 modules to layer and experiment with PLUS Multi Setups have been provided to help get you up and running with layering setups. What's in the series? You get all six of the DruMM modules and each module carries all the primary drum samples you would expect: kicks, snares, claps and hi hats and every octave has 2 kicks, 2 snares, 3 hi hats and one clap assigned to it along with the additional samples. This allows for each octave to carry a separate drum kit, so that means you get 5 individual mini drum kits per module plus all the other samples spanned and ready to 'hit'. These modules can then be layered to create seriously vast and expressive drums. Each and every DruMM module has been produced with specific M/S and phase cancelation processes to ensure that there are no frequency clashes, summing and cancelation when used for layering purposes. The whole purpose of DruMM is to afford you the freedom and scope to maul any sound in any way you see fit. For this reason alone we have developed the tools that any drum and beat producer will want at their fingertips. DruMM - Series 2 is not simply a collection of drum modules. It is the very essence of what makes the layering process both enj
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