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2 Epic thundering hit patches and one bonus voice patch for EXS24, SF, Kontakt, Giga. This is the meat you will be craving after using this on your next epic track! Just the thunder tubes alone will smack you like power you've never heard before in a percussion library! Patch list: -Thunder Tubes -Metal Stab -Gauntlet Voice This is a 36mb library. Please note all the formats are in one zip file. Just delete the formats you don't use after downloading to save space. 24bit 48 khz except the thunder tubes which are 16 bit 44.1 khz (Crafted from a Triton Le) soundcloud demo includes the instruments plus added kirk hunter strings (Strings not included) Also a bit of reverb/delay added. EXS24 files also can open in Kontakt, Mainstage, Halion, Structure free, Mach Five and Ableton! Have fun with this one!


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