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Dhol Drums
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Dhol Drums

North Indian Drums

Product Overview

The Dhol is a big North Indian drum and is worn around the neck. It is an ancestor of the Persian Dohol and was introduced to India in the 15th century. It has since been used in harvest celebrations mainly in Punjab and other regions to accompany singing and dance and even as a war drum by the Sikhs.

It is the most essential Ingredient to Bhangra music and Dance...and you can't take the Dhol out of Bhangra!

The drum itself consists of a hollowed out tree with a bass side (Made from Camel skin) and a treble side (also natural animal skin but recently replaced by remo drum heads).

The bass side is hit with a curled wooden stick known as a Dagga and the treble side by a thin piece of wood known as a Tilli. Although the Dhol is only ever played using sticks we have provided hand hit articulations too because we like being different!

This Kontakt 4 Instrument features realistic Round Robin alternating samples. The Dagga side is mapped to the lower ranges of the keys with Round Robin on A#2. The Tilli side is on the higher keys with Round Robin on C5.

All keys have hand gestures and nuances to emulate a real playing style so you can hear the players hands moving across the skin of the drum as it is played in a semi-random fashion. With dedicated controls for Reverb, Tuning and Decay.

Plus an emulation of the Skin tightness - move the control to loosen or tighten the skin of the drum in real-time.

Full Version of Kontakt 4 required / not the free Kontakt Player.

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