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Gregor Quendel

Designed Rocks

Creative Sound Design

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Product Overview

The next installment of the Designed series features crumbling and cracking rocks, shattering glitches, evolving textures, and everything in between.


  • 70 24bit 48kHz WAV files / Meta-tagged (including PDF/XLS)
  • 30 Evolutions
  • 30 Elements
  • 10 Bonus Raw Source WAV Files
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Customer Reviews

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Lovely rumbles and textures. And extras.

Those falling rock sounds and the like are hard to find in my opinion (sounds directly usable within a project without much blending and processing). The only competing product is to my knowledge Soundmorph Rupture. In fact, those two products have a different take on the subject, Rupture is an old, classic and straightforward soundpack (but in 16 bits, damn) whereas Designed Rocks is in 24 bits, in a smaller format (cheaper, also) with more original sounds (but that may not appeal to everyone): Those sounds, well, many are good to excellent: I wish there would be many more sounds in it of course and often the artist seems driven by its own inspiration rather than focusing on rocks, really, so you get all kinds of things in this pack, but honnestly I like that pack.

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