Dead Piano

Dismantled Upright Piano Sounds


Product Overview

I salvaged an old piano before it was sent to the scrap-heap and the keys and front section were removed before sampling. I managed to capture a very one-off sound that cannot be replicated.

Opening up it's main body and multi-sampling the innards led to the creation of this beautiful sounding old upright piano instrument. The chamber of the piano produced mind-blowing sustain and resonance. Various objects were used to get haunting sounds from the injured beast such as nails, stones and wooden planks. We sampled deep booms, little scratches and one-off sounds.

The centre of the keyboard is mapped to certain key hits so you can play it like a slightly de-tuned dirty dead piano. The lower ranges and upper ranges of the keyboard contain the one-off performance bangs and scrapes which you can use for effects and atmosphere making. Small squeeks, scrapes and booms have been mapped over certain keys also to add a real sense of the instrument.

What you do with the 'Dead Piano' is your choice but the kit emits a deep resonance and sound that would suit horror music and film-scoring. The Kontakt version makes full use of the sampler.

Other formats will resample the outputs from Kontakt to get the same sounds.

  • Recorded in 24-bit with a Rode NT-1
  • Ultra-deep programming
  • Dynamic filters
  • Huge Resonance
  • Extra pack of Raw WAV sounds (extra recorded material)
  • Full Version of Kontakt Required


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Dead Piano