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Dance Producer Series is essentially 2 complete collections in one pack. Crammed to the hilt with signature sounds that are influenced by artistes like Cossmo, Flex, 64-Bit, Analog Pussy Saafi Brothers, Paul Van Dyk, Concept, Clubskills and Sasha. If you are after the bowel moving club sounds then this pack will keep you busy. Features over 2000 sizzling drum samples. Whether you write Trance, House, Gabba, Drum 'n' Bass, Electro, Funk or any other Dance genre, these samples will add edge and colour to your beats. All samples have been topped n' tailed and beefed up through our best vintage dynamics in the studio. ? 500 Biting snares ? 500 thumping kicks ? 500 fizzing hi hats ? 360 manic percussive samples ? 300 club claps. Demo Here -
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