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Complete Tronsonic Microtape Bundle - 50% OFF

Complete Tronsonic Microtape Bundle - 50% OFF

All 1-18 packs from the microtape series - individual total RRP ?50

Product Overview

RRP - ?50 when buying microtapes individually For full version of NI Kontakt 4.2.4 or later Each microtape features sounds or instruments recorded to tape, and offers full control over tape degradation, so as to emulate damaged mellotrons or less than perfect tape reproduction (a major part of the 'Boards of Canada' sound for example). See my individual product description for more details on each microtape. The series consists of: 1 Detroit Hammond 2 Electric Harpsichord 3 Dubdrum 141 4 Mountain Water 5 Dirty Cymbals 6 Warp Sirens 7 Random 100m 8 Rhodetron 9 Echorode 10 Glockowonko 11 Cranberry Source 12 Cositone Harps 13 Spongebridge Bass 14 Treble Recorder 15 Lysergic Autoharp 16 Autoharp Oddbox 17 Marimba Nirvana 18 Dromeda Strains
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