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SAM Reciter
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SAM Reciter

Commodore 64 Synthesized Robotic Voice

Product Overview

The Commodore 64 is a widely used machine in terms of audio applications. Its SID chip has been used even as the core of a modern MIDI synthesizer (the SIDstation).

But what has never been used yet are its speech synthesis capabilities. Those capabilities were brought to the user under a BASIC language extension called SAM RECITER. SAM stands for "Software Automatic Mouth" and it's maybe the most robotic voice you can ever image. Sadly, modern music software don't support BASIC...

Sixty words have been sampled using the voices from five original presets plus a custom one. Plus, all samples comes in two versions, RAW and CLEAN.

This is a feature of the original program; you may like the gritty voice of a oldschool computer or you may need a cleaner voice for your sound design. OR you may want to pan them L-R to achieve a nice stereo effect... It's up to you...


  • An original SID 6581 chip has been sampled into a digital recorder, cleaned up through two stages of digital denoising
  • A BASIC program has been written on the Commodore 64 to manage all the voices and presets. This was a big dedicated process designed to best create an authentic and enjoyable retro SID voice sample kit
  • 6 voices
  • 60 diverse words.
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