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Coffee Cups Synth is a totally new machine. It?s an experiment with Kontakt?s sound design capabilities and samples of myself hitting some coffee cups with a little spoon. GREATEST COMBINATION EVER, I KNOW! A few weeks ago I was going through my sampled instruments, trying to decide what should we finally release, and I was like: "Organ? ? nah, there are a lot out there Electric Piano? ? Same Drum Machine? ? Maybe latter Synths? ? Do they really need another synth right now?" Yeah, ~~Coffee Cups Synth~~ IS a synth, but you won?t find anything like this anywhere. Some patches will remind you of some real instruments(just remind you, they don?t sound real at all, that?s not our intention with this instrument), and some are just mind-melting freshness. Should I mention the influence of recording through tape on this project? It?s musical ? there are some cool basses, pads, etc. that you can fine tune to fit your new tracks. It?s textural ? You can also create several sound effects, ambiance, or noises, and give your sound design arsenal a new breath. By now we only have one demo track featuring each one of the eleven patches within a musical context and zero external editing(you can achieve all of these sounds within the instruments? interface), but soon you will know Coffee Cups Synth in depth. We?ll bring up a few more demos and a video latter this week. Coffee Cups Synth Features: -11 Kontakt instruments(sorry, no glockenspiel like sounds) -Advanced scripting -Lots of effects and controls -A set of 18 custom impulse responses -Very low on CPU and RAM, just 27 MB Take this lonely kid home today for just 4 bucks.


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