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Get ahead of an evolving dance music scene with professional quality sounds from A-Grade Audio. Taking inspiration from the latest club and festival house tracks, Club/House Official features 64 original presets for Native Instruments Massive, masterfully designed and ready to drop into your productions. Forget tired old patches that give you nothing but writers block, instead, refresh your library with original sounds that can take your productions in a radical new direction! From smooth undertones to future wobbles, dirty squares to electro dynamite this pack is an official guide to the Club/House scene. Experience A Grade quality and supreme attention to detail in each and every NI Massive patch. Club/House Official is your backstage pass to the sounds of the next big thing, the start of YOUR breakthrough moment. Technical specs: - 64 Original Presets for NI Massive - All Macros Assigned for maximum flexibility - .nmsv and .ksd format - 100% Royalty-Free - Suitable for multiple genres including House, Electro House, Future House, EDM and more! Patch Listing BA 5ths Bass BA Bellsy Layer BA Cold Tone BA Digi Tone BA Dirty Squares BA Electroid BA Electro Square BA Future Wobble 1 BA Future Wobble 2 BA Green Tone BA Lo-Fi Bass BA Mellow Tone BA Organic BA Quicksilver BA Refined Titanium BA Smooth Undertone BA Wobster Tails BL EDM Bell Synth DR LP Rage Quit FX AbstraQt Riser FX Nanomech Mist FX Spiral Drops HT Woop! Woop! KB Electro Organ KB House E Piano LD Blues EDM LD Buzzy Mids LD Cobalt Blue LD Electro 5ths LD Nu Rave LD Portabella Burger LD Punchy 5ths LD Rage Tone LD Saw Synth - Female LD Saw Synth - Male LD Serendipity LD Sharp Attack LD Soft Saw LD Souper Saw LD Square Plus LD Sticky LD Synsync LD Uranium LD Vibro Lead PD Big Saws PD EDM String Pad PD Interstaller Loneliness PD Mushroom Flavor PD Rigel PD Space Xtacy PD Warmth PD Wonderment PL Bell Like PL Club Soda PL Essential PL Glassy Tone PL Jade PL Laser Plucks PL Purple Velvet PL Short Plucks PL Synth Guitar PL Unisaw SQ Abstract Bassline SQ Daydreamer


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