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Classical Guitarist

Natural attack technology for ultra realism!

Product Overview

ARIA Sounds' nylon stringed classical guitar vst for Kontakt 5 and above.

This instrument includes a never before seen script that allows, for the first time in virtual instruments, the entire natural attack to be included in the note, without a feeling of latency.

This gives it the ultimate realistic sound, just check the demo yourself.

Fully functioning and controllable hammer-ons and pull-offs are also included, as well as even being able to play true strummed chords (any possible chord, you play them on the keyboard, no pre-recorded nonsense!). - up to 9 variations per note! - 3 dynamic layers per note! - Hammer ons and Pull offs - Harmonics - Chord Strumming mode

For Kontakt 5 full version only (not the free player)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Classical Guitarist

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