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Leap Into The Void

Canto Con Brio Electric

Waveform chants and iterations for Bazille

Product Overview

Canto Con Brio Electric. Tempo-synced, minimalistic, electric, experimental, digital, glitch, rhythm, bass, lead and keys from clean to distorted. The main part consists of tempo-synced sounds, from simple rhythmic building blocks to sequenced pads to the more unconventional iterations of sound, all inspired by my own history of preference and also from some of todays contemporary electronic composers.

Call it minimal, experimental and Leap Into The Void.

There are lead, keys, pads and bass sounds included aswell that I'd like to describe as 'colors of vigour', with great expressiveness both inspiring to play and to use when composing. A collection that could best be categorized as atmospheres and textures completes the Canto Con Brio Electric.

Canto is the word for a principal form of division in a long poem, especially the epic. The word comes from Italian, meaning 'song' or singing. Bazille does imho some truly great singing. Brio is the musical term for vigour and Con brio means 'with spirit' or 'with vigour'. Combined this could be translated to 'Electric poems with spirit' which is what I'd like to use to describe the idea and essence of this soundset.

Download Manual


  • 128 presets
  • Modwheel assignments on all presets for morphing and coloring
  • Detailed patchlist PDF included with descriptions of each sound and the assignments
  • Bazille 1.0 required
  • All sounds heard in the demos come from Canto Con Brio Electric with no fx used but a small amount of limiter on the output
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