Twisted Brainwrong

Broken Cirkits

1600 Samples / 99 Loops

Product Overview

A collection of 1600 individual sounds created purely with custom made analogue circuits, processed through circuit-bent delay units to produce a unique library of piercing electronic percussive tones, drones and glitches. 99 loops created with these unique sounds using various software and hardware sequencers. A must have for producers and DJs of: Glitch, IDM, Minimal, Experimental, Chiptune, 8bit, Breakcore, Industrial. 1600 individuals samples organised into the following categories: -Kicks - Snares - Bass - Clicks/Pops/Hats -Bleeps/Tones/Notes - Percussive Hits - Long - Misc


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Broken Cirkits


Customer Reviews

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Incredible detail, variation and quality of sound. Great value for money.

Will Havard