Common Tiger

Boutique Triphop

Sophisticated & Specialized Oneshots

Product Overview

Sampled straight from record, Drums, Foreign Record Samples, Vinyl Ambiance & Other Surprises.

Boutique triphop is packed to the brim with one of a kind record samples from Common Tigers personal stash.

Everything in the demo is included in the pack.

1.73 GB, 336 samples total

  • 71 Dusty Foreign Record Samples
  • 41 Real Vinyl Piano Samples
  • 14 Track Long Crackle/ Analog Aptmosphers
  • 42 Vinyl Sampled Hats
  • 36 Dusty Kicks
  • 12 Drum Rolls
  • 46 Boom Bap Snares
  • 46 Real Bass & Sub Samples
  • 28 Real Piano Chord (One Shots).


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Boutique Triphop