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AoS Project's Bounce & Scouse Construction Kits

7 Superb Construction Kits

Product Overview

Molgli presents 7 amazing Bounce & Scouse construction kits created by AoS Project. These fantastic construction kits are full of top quality WAV & MIDI files including a bonus folder. Each track has been specially designed to help give you insight on how to achieve similar sounds as the pro's such as; Alex K, Bounce Enforcers, Delusion, Hypasonic, KB Project, Kritkal Mass & more. These superb tracks are sure to get you noticed and help you keep the scene alive. Size: 77MB compressed Each Kit is Key & Tempo Tagged 7 Kits 1 Bonus Folder 38 MIDIs 95 WAVs


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in AoS Project's Bounce & Scouse Construction Kits

Demo - The Man Who Sold the Moon

Check out this demo from Chameleon Music. With the exception of drums and percussion, ALL sounds come from TRIODE, SAFFRON and NEUTRON - CL Projects BLUE ORB TRILOGY.  (Drums / percussion from Heavyocity's 'Evolve' Kontakt library).

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