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Harmoniums have been the soul of Bollywood since it's inception. Harmoniums can be played solo as well as within your song structures. This authentic instrument collection includes a patch from a 1930's Harmonium and a regular Harmonium along with their legato patches.

The included legato patches will give you an entirely different feel while playing the harmoniums The master patch has been captured from a reed harmonium ? which has Male , Female and Bass tones. As usual Crypto Cipher has a fully dedicated Kontakt Script which brings the instrument to life in you DAW as it offers a unique effects section including EQ, Impulse Responses and delays. The nuances and keyclicks noises are a really important part of harmoniums.

To give this library added realism all keys on/off noises with bellow pump noises have been captured. Sound design patches are also included in the package, which gives the library modern sound along with the raw traditional sounds of harmoniums.

  • Three Varieties of Harmoniums (3 Reed, Regular Tone, 1930's)
  • Master and Legato Patches
  • Digital Tanpura Drones recorded from Shruti Box
  • Raga phrase based Violin Library
  • Sound Designed Patches
  • Sample Size 1.1 GB
  • Custom Script for Bollywood Harmoniums
  • PDF Documentation Available for Download
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz / 24 bit NCW Format

Note: Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher full retail version only - Not the free Kontakt Player

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