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BMW F12 640D Gran Coupe
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BMW F12 640D Gran Coupe

Driving, accelerations, reverse, engine on/idle/stop.

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Product Overview

BMW F12 640D is twin turbo 313HP diesel engine. The recordings covers different driving sound effects like regular driving, accelerations, reverse, engine on/idle/stop.

In addition to engine recorded onboard (two microphones under the hood, exhaust and interior in sync) there are exterior passes covering different speeds, from 30 up to 180 kmph, stopping, driving away slowly and fast, reverse. Last but not least there are few foley files as a bonus.

Whole library was recorded with Sound Devices 702, Zoom F8, 2x Sennheisers MKH 8040 and 2x DPAs 4061.

  • engine with interior – 22 files – 127 minutes
  • engine RAW – 4 files – 260 minutes
  • exterior – 87 files – 50 minutes
  • foley – 6 files – 2 minutes


  • Format: WAV
  • Size: 7.78 GB
  • Contents: 119 files
  • Sound list: Excel
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