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Blue Triangle for Ableton Live 9

A spring percussion instrument


Product Overview

Blue Triangle is a Spring percussion instrument. It is our very first self-built acoustic instrument and it got us hooked on instrument building! This is the first instrument in our Spring instrument group. Sonically Blue Triangle represents the idea of a big sound in a small body. Despite its angular shape, when plucked with a finger, its sound can be round and at times a bit like a gong or church bell. But when applying different articulations, such as scraping with a plectrum or striking with a rubber mallet, metallic, more industrial sound qualities emerge and rattle along with the Blue Triangle's natural spring reverb. As most of our Wobblophones do, the Blue Triangle has a strong presence of overtones (and "undertones"). In the Blue Triangle Ableton Live Pack you will find: A drum rack with 40 pads, covering 3 articulations and ?body hits? 3 round robin layers 6 presets 20 short ?Blips? (Clips) Rubber mallet strikes with 5 velocity layers Plectrum scrapes Finger plucks Body hits Installed size: 258 MB.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Blue Triangle for Ableton Live 9

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