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THE ONE: Bigroom Anthems
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The ONE Series

THE ONE: Bigroom Anthems

80 Bigroom/EDM MIDIs

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Product Overview

THE ONE is happy to present to you THE ONE: Bigroom Anthems, that will take your Bigroom House melodies to the next level!

THE ONE: Bigroom Anthems comes with 80 strong MIDI loops for your Bigroom breaks and you Bigroom drops, that will make your audience scream. All melodies have been crafted under inspiration from the songs made by the pros, and have been created by a well experienced producer. So by getting these MIDI loops, you can expect your melodies to be on point just as much as the Bigroom masters out there.

All melodies are made in such a way that the presets added to them will have a rich fatness and depth to them, alongside with a nice sparkling top - all so you can cut through the dense masses of Bigroom producers. All melodies do also involve a strong usage of Velocity editing, and all notes have been set to a perfect length, to make the presets respond like the sounds made by the pros. But there's more than this - all MIDIs are 100 % royalty free.

This means you can use these melodies in your productions without worrying about any copyright issues. Feeling even more curious? Check out the MP3 demo song, showing you the power these melodies really have. 


  • 40 break melodies
  • 40 drop melodies
  • Bonus files: - 3 NI Massive [v 1.4] presets that were used in the demo song
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